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TravelTrackerPC 2.7

TravelTrackerPC is a desktop companion to TravelTracker for the PalmOS. TravelTrackerPC allows you to add and edit information on your Windows PC and then download those changes to your Palm device running TravelTracker.

TravelTrackerPC sells for $29.95

TravelTracker and TravelTrackerPC can be purchased in a bundle for $49.95

TravelTrackerPC 2.7 Installer- Click Here to Download Installer - Zip


TravelTrackerPC requires:

  • TravelTracker 4.0 or greater on your Palm device
  • HotSync 3.0 or greater
  • Requires a PC running Windows

TravelTrackerPC 2.6

  • Added support for Drive entry
  • Added support for expense entry
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • TravelTrackerPC 2.02

  • Fixes some miscellaneous bugs
  • TravelTrackerPC 2.01

    • Support for new 3.2 Palm version

    TravelTrackerPC 2.0

    • New User Interface
    • New lower price
    • Easy one button installer

    TravelTrackerPC 1.06

    • Support for TravelTracker 3.0 for Palm. This version requires TravelTracker 3.0.

    TravelTrackerPC 1.05

    • Fixes problem with duplicate hotel entries appearing on Palm

    TravelTrackerPC 1.04

    • Fixes problem when deleting hotels and car rentals on the PC
    • Quicker search for TravTrk directory when launched for the very first time.

    TravelTrackerPC 1.03

    • Includes new installer
    • Searches for "travtrk" directory when first launched.
    • Fixes bug which did not allow setting of certain dates

    Version 1.02

    • Fixes parse bug of date formats other than m/d/yy
    • Fixes Save As popup when exporting a trip
    • Fixes bug when creating a car rental on the PC

    Version 1.01

    • Fixes a bug with regards to the interpretation of dates. The program would incorrectly interpret dates in the format m/d/yyyy (four digit year).

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