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SilverWARE was founded in 1985 and began publishing software for the Apple Macintosh. Its first product in 1985 was MacAuto, an automotive logbook. In the years to follow, it released FolderJump, FetchIt and KopyKat. Three very popular utilities for the Macintosh.

In August of 1994, SilverWARE was the first to release a contact manager/enhancement for the Apple Newton with MoreInfo. It pioneered such features as seamless integration of the Names, Dates and Notes applications. It was the first company to allow the sharing of data when it allowed saving to-dos to two 3rd party applications, Notion and NotePak.

In January of 1996, SilverWARE released its third generation of MoreInfo, version 3.0. MoreInfo 3.0 introduced features never seen on the Newton platform such as CardLinks and NoteLinks.

In November of 1996, SilverWARE released the fourth version of MoreInfo. MoreInfo 4.0 expanded it features even further by allowing users to link together any number of meetings, events, To Dos, notes, calls and names. It also introduced a complete redesigned At-a-Glance screen allowing Newton users the ability to truly manage their schedule from one concise screen.

In 1997, SilverWARE released MoreInfo 5, which was to become the best selling version of the software and continues to be sold today to Newton users. Version 5 utilizes so many of the unique features found in the 2.0 Newton operating system.

In September of 1998, SilverWARE released its first Palm application, TravelTracker. Since then, TravelTracker has been updated several times with the current version 3.8. TravelTracker continues to be a best selling product and is used by travellers throughout the world.

SilverWARE prides itself it providing great products along with great customer service. We appreciate comments and feedback from all our customers.


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