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Frequently Asked Questions:


Why are my entries not showing up in the Datebook on my device?
This is most likely caused by the "Mine" checkbox not being turned on. The "Mine" checkbox is found inside the Trip Details screen. Launch TravelTracker, select a trip and then open the Details screen. Then confirm the "Mine" checkbox is checked. The concept of the "Mine" checkbox is to limit entries in your Datebook for trips that are not yours.

Why are my award entries not being computed properly for some trips?
This is likely caused by the "Mine" checkbox inside the Trip Details screen. See above description on how to cofirm this checkbox is "checked" on.

PalmOS & Newton OS Related

When do I need to unlock my software?
All our software can be demoed for a period of 30 days from the time you first install the software. Any time during the demo period or even after the software expires you can unlock the software.

If my demo expires before I purchase, will I loose any information?
No! All of the data you add remains within the device and is not lost at the time the software expires. However, you will loose access to some information once the demo has expired since you will no longer be able to open the application.

How can I unlock my software?
You can unlock the software several different ways. You can use our online order form, you can fax in your order, e-mail your order or call and place your order with us. Be sure to always include your seed key when you purchase. Once we receive your order, we will contact you with your access code that will unlock the software.

What is a "seed" key?
If your are a Palm user, then the seed key is simply your user name as shown when you synch with your desktop. If you are a Newton user, then the seed key is your exact owner name in a format we can use to generate your unique access code. The seed key appears in the Unlock screen of the demo version of the particular piece of software. Be sure to provide it exactly as it appears when you place your order.

PalmOS Only Questions

My TravelTracker software is reported that it is a demo yet I have already unlocked it, why?
What probably has happened is that you have changed your user name in your desktop synchronization program. If the user name you are using has changed, you will need to contact SilverWARE to get a new access code. Please remember that your new user name must be some form of your old one (ie. John Q. Smith versus John Smith).

Our Palm Software is non-transferable.
Once purchased, you own the rights to use our Palm software. If you decide to no longer use it, it cannot be transferred to another person.

Newton Only Questions

Can I transfer ownership of the products I own if I sold my Newton Message Pad to someone and I am no longer using it?
No, we no longer offer this option. Because the the Newton MessagePad is no longer an active product (cancelled over 5 years ago by Apple), we can only provide unlock codes to the original owner of the software. The Owner Name for the code provided must be a based on the original owner's name.

How do I install a newer version of MoreInfo or other Newton software?
First you need to delete MoreInfo and all of the associated MoreInfo packages (At a Glance, MI Prefs, Quiet). Then install the newer demo versions. If you have already entered an access code, then the new version should simply auto-unlock. It does this by looking for the previously entered access code. If it finds a match, the newer version will auto-unlock.

How do I upgrade to a newer version if I purchased my software from a retail store?
First, you need to be sure you have registered your software with us. To register, you simply need to either mail or fax in your completed registration card contained in the package. Please fill out the card neatly, especially the e-mail address since that is typically the way we will contact you. Then once registered, you can then go ahead and download and then install the latest demo version off our website. The demo versions can be unlocked with an access code provided to you by SilverWARE. Then contact us with your seed key that appears in the demo version's unlock screen.

My software is reported that it is a demo yet I have already unlocked it, why?
The access code is stored in your owner card. It is possible that your owner card was deleted. It is also possible your owner name was changed. Check to be sure your owner name is the same as it was when you first registered the software. If not, either correct the owner name or contact us for a new code.

How do I edit my owner name?
Your owner name is stored within the Newton's built-in Owner Info application. Open the Owner info application from within Extras and then tap on your owner name. This will then display your owner card. Then tap on your owner name again and you will be presented with a slip that allows you to edit your owner name.

I am using MoreInfo, what other of your products would you recommend?
If you are using MoreInfo, you might want to also try out PowerNames. PowerNames is a great companion product to MoreInfo.

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