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February 1998: MoreInfo voted best Newton software!
February 1997: MoreInfo voted best Newton software!

gives MoreInfo its hightest rating!

Check out what Pen Computing thought of MoreInfo and PowerNames in their October issue.

"Highly recommended!" said Pen Computing editor David MacNeil.

This is the first piece of Palm OS Shareware/Demoware that I have actually purchased. I fly 100,000+ miles a year and consider TravelTracker the best travel app on the market.

Thanks for such an amazing product that makes the Newton truly Sing!!!!!

Just wanted to thank you for absolutely tremendous products MoreInfo & Powernames are pure class, and in this age of people who are so quick to be critical, I wish to balance that by letting you know what a great job your company has done.

I'm about 3 hours into version 5.0 and you have blown my mind. Thank you so much for listening to my suggestions.

Better than XYZ, really useful.

Excellent product and support! Keep up the great work! Thanks.

I just wanted to make some comments on the new MI. First off, I'm very pleasantly surprised to see a major update like this released at no cost. Although it took a day or two to get used to the changes, once again you've managed to improve something that I thought was already the best it could be. The new screens and features once again make my daily business contacts and tracking much more efficient and reliable.

Again just wanted to say MoreInfo what a great piece of software. It is a very powerful piece of software. No Newton user should be with out it. Just wish I had a way of telling everyone who has one all about it. I am glad I tried the demo and now I find it to be invaluable tool. Keep up the good work.

I was in Newton Source today, and a guy came in trying to evaluate whether he really wanted a Newton MP2K. The guy in the store just showed him his own Newton which just had the standard stuff on it. (Boring). I volunteered my Newton and showed him More Info 5.1 Boy was he impressed!! Also a friend of mine at Newton (Apple) is now using MoreInfo on his Newton, since I told him about your program! He too was pretty impressed.

Keep up the good work. Nothing on the market even comes close!! :-)

I've downloaded numerous self-contained packages, tons of add on apps & MoreInfo is by far the GREATEST.

I'm a registered user of your software and just downloaded version 4.03 to keep current. (I was using 4.01). WOW! That new Notepad button really does the trick for me. I was getting tired of having to close AtAGlance everytime I wanted to use the notes. Now I can swap quickly between them.

You guys are the champs!

I was going through the tutorials for MoreInfo and PowerName for the first time in months and discovered a few more features in your software that really pleased me. But, what really struck me is how well the package is done. Every other week or so I discover a new thing I can tap on such as meeting times in the At-A-Glance display. The overall impression I'm left with is that everything is simply done *right*. It's a delight to discover yet another thoughtful feature.
I'm reminded of my first experiences with a Macintosh.

--S.D., a delighted user

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