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TravelTrackerMac 2.6

TravelTrackerMac is a desktop companion to TravelTracker for the PalmOS. TravelTrackerMac allows you to add and edit information on your Macintosh and then download those changes to your Palm device running TravelTracker.

TravelTrackerMac is only compatible with Macs running OS 9.

TravelTrackerMac sells for $29.95

TravelTracker and TravelTrackerMac can be purchased in a bundle for $49.95

TravelTrackerMac 2.6- Click Here to Download Installer - StuffIt


To upgrade form TravelTrackerMac 1.0 or 1.01 to 2.6, simply replace the older version with the new one contained in the StuffIt archive available here. In addition replace the new TravelTracker conduit (actual name of file is TravelTracker) and copy it into your Conduits folder

TravelTrackerMac requires:

  • TravelTracker 3.2 or greater on your Palm device
  • PalmDesktop (Macintosh) version 2.6 or greater
  • Macintosh running OS 9.

Version 2.6

  • Added support for Drive Entry
  • Added support for expense entry
  • Fixed miscellaneous bugs
  • Changed version number to match the PC version.

Version 1.01

  • Fixes miscellaneous bugs

Version 1.00

  • Initial Release

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