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TravelTracker 4 is an application that allows you to track your plane flights, train trips, hotel reservations, car rental reservations, dinner reservations, appointments and transports (limos, car service, etc). It contains numerous features to help travelers manage the key components of any trip. TravelTracker is available for $29.95.     Existing registered users can upgrade for $15.

Want some hot tips on how to best utilize TravelTracker, Click Here for Hot Tips.

Click Here to Download a Demo of TravelTracker

Click Here to Download the Upgrade to TravelTracker 4.1

This version is a full functional demo version. The demo has the same exact features as you will find if you decide to purchase and unlock the software.

UPGRADING to Version 4:

Version 4 is a paid upgrade. The upgrade is $15. To upgrade, first install the TravTrk.prc file onto your Palm. Then launch TravelTracker.

If you are using TravelTrackerPC, be sure you have installed and launched TravelTracker 4 on your Palm. Then perform a HotSync. Once completed, replace the TravelTrackerPC application with the new 2.7 version. Your existing TravelTrackerPC unlock code will be recognized and automatically unlock the new version.

Some of the new features coming in 4.2:

* Support for longer text entries in fields (address, confirmation numbers, etc).

Some of the new features in 4.1 include:

* Large screen support (320 x 480 screen support) for Trips and Itinerary screens.

* Now displays phone button beside phone number fields for quick dialing.

* Add support for Google Maps where an entry is linked to a contact record and the entry has an address associated with it.
Click Here for Download Google Maps

* Add new preference that will allow Hotel Reservations and Car Rental entries to be added to Calendar as single untimed events for the check-in and pick-up dates respectively.

* Added new "Delete Calendar Duplicates" in Tools menu in case duplicate Calendar entries are discovered that where added by TravelTracker.

* Now will set "Location" field of a Calendar event for TravelTracker Event entries.

* Now include year in the date displayed for a trip in the Trips screen.

* Fixed several bugs related to adding Calendar entries for some special case flights (i.e. arriving at destination at an absolute time prior to absolute departure time).

* Fixed bug in Flight screen that would crash on devices that did not support 5-way navigation.

* Fixed crash when using the Export Itinerary function.

* Fixed a crash that took place when leaving TravelTracker.

Some of the new features in 4.0 include:

* Check-in time and Check-out time can now be specified for Hotel Stays.

* Pick-up time and Drop-off time can now be specified for Car Rentals.

* Supports true native time zones for entries added to Palm DateBook application.

* Supports new 2007 Daylight Saving Time rules.

* Improved 5-way support throughout the application.

* Custom Currencies can now be specified.

* Elimination of TravelSetup. Now incorporated within the single application.

* Beam All Trips for easy transfer to new device.

* Allow setting category when receiving beamed trip.

* Support printing trips via PalmPrint.

* Support for export to all Email programs via standard exchange protocol.

* New Backup Preferences to insure all TravelTracker databases are backed-up if not using conduit.

* Beam to a friend to share application.

* Filter Airports by: US, All or Custom (custom airports are those added or edited by user).

* Improved user interface in varioius screens (last used airline, new alarm time options)

TravelTracker requires PalmOS 3.5 or greater.

TravelTracker 3.0 was released on September 12th, 2000.
TravelTracker 3.02 was released on October 20th, 2000.
TravelTracker 3.1 was released December 1st, 2000.
TravelTracker 3.11 was released December 20th, 2000
TravelTracker 3.12 was released Februrary 7, 2001
TravelTracker 3.13 was released Februrary 12, 2001
TravelTracker 3.2 was released May 11, 2001
TravelTracker 3.21 was released May 29, 2001
TravelTracker 3.22 was released August 23, 2001
TravelTracker 3.5 was released August 7, 2002
TravelTracker 3.6 was released July 12, 2003
TravelTracker 3.8 was released July 5, 2006
TravelTracker 4.0 was released March 11, 2007
TravelTracker 4.0.3 was released March 31, 2007
TravelTracker 4.1 was released April 24, 2007


Click here to read about the changes in versions prior to 4

Click Here to purchase TravelTracker via a Secure Online Order Form


TravelTrackerMac is only compatible with OS 9.X and there is no upgrade for it at this time.

UPGRADING the PC version (TravelTrackerPC):

The new version is 2.7 and must be upgraded for 4.0. TravelTracker 4.0 must be installed and launched prior to using this new TravelTrackerPC version. In addition, once the Palm version is installed and launched, a HotSync must be performed prior to running TravelTrackerPC 2.7.

We want to hear from you! Please tell us what you would like to see in future versions of TravelTracker.

  TravelTracker Awarded 5 out of 5 stars by ZDNet


 Rosenbluth Technology Partner


TravelTracker Testimonials

I appreciate your software and admire developers like you with such talent. (Wish I could develop the skill)!!!!
M.S (6/1/03)

I use travel tracker every week and it works great. I don't know what I would do with out it. I have just upgraded to a Zire 71 by Palm and was very concerned about upgrading so I could still use Travel Tracker. Well I went and did the free upgrade and it works fine. Again thanks for the free upgrade it is great. Most companies would want to charge for the upgrade but not you folks. You know how to take care of the customer that buys your software. Not keep sticking it to them. Thanks again.
R.T (5/3/03)

Thank you. Your support was right on.... the Hotsync did not have the conduit setup and some time long ago for who knows what reason my backups were never done. I have restored my files and tested the conduit... all works well.... thanks for the support. Great program... use it all the time, recc to all my friends who travel. Thanks for the product and for the meaningful support (so many other vendors seem to have BS support with little help and no answers... makes one appreciate those of you who really know your product and support it).
J.G. (3/5/03)

TT is a real workhorse for me. Couldn't travel without it!
J.C. (12/9/02)

I continue to be amazed on how well you support your product. When I first purchased your software, I thought that the support for the software would be typical of my previous experiences - nearly none. You have exceeded my expectations and wanted to let you know travel tracker is one of my favorite software programs on the palm pilot. You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work! -J. Cooper (10/11/99)

Travel Tracker is one of the best software products I've seen to date for the Palm Pilot.
-M.White (8/20/99)

Since purchasing your software in January, I've been very pleased with it. You've been very thoughtful in your user design, your responsiveness to e-mails, and the clarity with which you've organized your website. -B.Maxwell (8/16/99)

I really like the program (much better than XYZ). I think I heard of it while looking at reviews of XYZ on some store's website and a few other users were much happier with TT).
-Bob Fately (8/17/99)

Just wanted you to know that I can't live without Travel Tracker. I especially like being able to export my flights only to the datebook. I also like the addition of tracking flight segments. You have a wonderful product. - CH (8/17/99)

I bought TravelTracker a few weeks ago and am discovering how powerful it is! This product is great. -SJ

Keep up the good work. It is great to get a quality product that not only meets, but exceeds my expectations, and for a great price. -DM

I only wish all companies supported their products as you folks do. Thanks for your above-and-beyond effort. -CB

I tried XYZ, but TravelTracker is far more superior and easier to use. -LE

FYI... I compared your product against XYZ and you won hands down. Keep up the good work and I look forward to future enhancements. -SH

Travel Tracker is the best in it's class!!! Keep it up! -RL

I just upgraded to TravelTracker 2.0 from 1.03, and boy am I impressed. What was already awesome just got better! Since I'm on the road more than I'm home, this app really makes my life easier. -RD

This is the first piece of Palm OS Shareware/Demoware that I have actually purchased. I fly 100,000+ miles a year and consider TravelTracker the best travel app on the market. -NJZ

Just a quick 1999 note of thanks for TravelTracker. It is a real time saver and wth the new version, it looks to prove even more beneficial. -CB

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