All BizXpenseTracker Users

All BizXpenseTracker Users

Postby Silverware » Mon Jul 29, 2013 12:06 pm

I need your help. On July 24, a user posted a rather lengthy and negative review for BizXpenseTracker. The problem is the user twisted their experience with me. I do not intend to respond any further to this customer as they have been nasty and rude from the very first email. I understand being frustrated but the way they acted was way out of line.

SO, I have worked with many of you on your individual issues with the app and I hope you are happy with my response time and the way I will do most anything to resolve an issue.

SO, if you are happy with the app and have had a good experience with me, please post a review for BizXpenseTracker. It does not have to be anything lengthy but just something to show I am not the person the bad review portrays. If you have already posted a review, allow me to thank you. But please update your review (even in the smallest way) so it appears at the top.

I work hard to give excellent customer service to all users but when they this particular person was so nasty and mean even I could not handle things.

Thank you in advance. And of course, if there is an issue you are having with BXT, please email me directly so I can help.

Reviews can be posted on the App Store by following the link:

-Scott (app author)
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