July 2019 - Flight Update Pro Changes

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July 2019 - Flight Update Pro Changes

Postby Silverware » Tue Jul 30, 2019 1:14 pm

On July 1st we released an update of Flight Update Pro. This version keeps track of each device’s usage of flights and sets a limit of 5 flights per month. This is included in the price of the app. This was a necessity after losing money for 3 years. We have and continue to use the same flight status and schedule service we have for the last 9 years. For the first 6 years we were charged a fixed price. THEN 3 years ago they were bought out and began charging us for EVERY request we made to their service. For 2 years we lost money and then last year we began charging for push notifications which almost allows us to break even.

Any user wishing to track more than 5 flight per month will need to upgrade to the subscription that allows 20, 50, 100 or 150 flights departing each month. I am sorry about this but it is my only option. People have been posting terrible things online but they simply do not know the high cost to deliver the accurate and quality data we provide. We simply cannot continue to lose money.

The app never advertised unlimited flight tracking and it was necessary to institute this due to the high volume of flights being tracked. Some customers were even tracking 150 and more flights per month. Furthermore, countless customers took advantage of Apple’s Family Sharing which allows multiple family members on different devices to download our app for no cost yet track an unlimited number of flights.

We use the best flight status and schedule service available but their price structure dictates that we are charged for every request made to them. An unlimited number of flights is not something we could sustain. By making the above change the app will be able to continue and service all its customers based on their use.

The alternative would have been to shut down the app as our #1 competitor (Flight Track) did a few years ago. I am truly trying to make this work.

There was no other way to keep the app active. It would have been easy to simply remove the app from the App Store and walk away but I wanted to come up with a way to allow it to continue to live. I am doing this because of the love of the app I built over 10 years ago and all my customers who love it too. I know you did not but so many people have immediately come to the conclusion that there is some evil behind this but it simply is not true.

-Scott (app author)
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