New App Announcement - TimeTracker Pro

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New App Announcement - TimeTracker Pro

Postby Silverware » Mon Feb 01, 2021 5:14 pm

Feburary 1st 2021 we introduced a new app, TimeTracker Pro.

TimeTracker Pro is our new time tracking app that will be our focus for any new updates and enhancements.

TimeTracker will no longer be updated but will continue to function. All new updates with new features will only be added to TimeTracker Pro.

TimeTracker Pro is based on its predecessor TimeTracker but has many new features and enhancements.

* Allows you to make changes to more than one log or more than one entry at a time. - (for example now you can delete multiple logs or delete multiple entries at a time).
* Greatly improved file linking.
* Brand new iOS 14 Home Screen widget.
* Ability to link photos right from the Photos app.
* Quick entires are now accessible from a full screen rather than a popup.
* Quick entries are now searchable and can be sorted alphabetically.
* Greatly improved log un-delete and log delete screens.
* Support for all device screen sizes.
* Includes Dropbox integration
* Includes Device Sync between all your iOS (and Mac) devices
* Also available on Mac App Store. (your single subscription will cover all YOUR devices - iPhone, iPad and Mac)

We are eager to add many more features to TimeTracker Pro. We have received some excellent requests and welcome new suggestions.

IMPORTANT: TimeTracker Pro requires either a monthly or yearly subscription. Downloading the app is free. When first installed, you will be able to add 25 entries. THEN to further allow you to evaluate the new app, you can subscribe and have a free unlimited two week trial period. We have kept the cost of the subscription as low as we can at $1.49 per month. A yearly subscription is $14.99 (12 months for the price of 10).

MIGRATING from Classic version to PRO version. The steps are very easy.
1. Launch the Classic version and navigate to the Log View screen (the screen that lists your logs).
2. Tap the Options button and choose "Transfer Data to PRO version."

3. Now download TimeTracker Pro if you have not already.
4. Launch TimeTracker Pro and navigate to the Log View screen.
5. Tap the Optins button and choose "Load data from Classic version."

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