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MileTracker is a power tool that makes tracking your mileage the easiest available.  Its elegant user interface and full features makes it an essential tool for every iPhone or iPad user wishing to track their mileage.

  1. Super easy to use !

  2. Once enabled, you can leave the app, turn off your phone, or keep the app open.  Its up to you. Regardless the app will still keep track of your mileage.

  3. VERY accurate, within 1/10 of a mile over a 50 mile trip.

IMPORTANT:   Our competition (rhymes with “MileJug”) has been found to be extremely inaccurate short changing you miles each time it is used.  This costs you serious money!  It has been found to be 10% and sometimes more off.  That is 5 miles on a 50 mile trip.  Ouch!!  If you are getting $.565 per mile than that is the cost of the app every time you travel 50 miles.

  1. if you wish to record your odometer readings to track your mileage, it is easy within MileTracker.

  2. If you already know the mileage and want to enter it, you can do that too.

  3. Change the allowance if necessary.

  4. Convenient large keyboard with decimal point.

  1. Keep track of each leg of your travels

  2. Save the location either by

  3. 1.Using your current location

  4. 2.Getting the address from your Contacts list

  5. 3.Enter the address if you know it

  6. Assign a “nickname” to any location you save so it is easily recognized by you.

Optional Location Awareness add-on that will detect your current location and compare it with your list of frequent locations.  If there is a match, it will pre-fill the start location if you create a new entry.  If the entry already has a start location, the app will prompt you to and allow you to enter the stop location.

MileTracker allows several different ways to record your mileage.  You can:

  1. Track your every move via your current GPS location

  (even when you are within another app or your device is off)

  1. Enter a start and stop location

  (enter an address or use your current GPS location)

  1. Enter a start and stop odometer reading

  2. Enter the total mileage if you already know it

Once you are done recording all of your mileage, the app does not stop there.  You can easily email or export the information in either an Excel friendly format (CSV) or an attractive, finished PDF report.  The app offers numerous report templates to create the report you need.

  1. Organize your mileage and expense entries in logs.  Easily keeps everything nicely filed and easy to find.

  2. Create as many logs as you wish.  Create a log for each week, each month, each year, you choose!                                 Create a log for each trip if that is how you wish to organize your time records.  Its all up to you.

MileTracker is the best choice among mileage tracking apps because:

  1. It has the MOST accurate LIVE tracking available.

Many other apps short change the mileage you have traveled by 10% and even more.  MileTracker has been tested to calculate a 50 mile trip within 1/10 of a mile.  Click here to check out our help video on our live mileage tracking feature.

  1.   It is the most flexible of the mileage tracking app’s allowing you to track mileage the way you prefer.

In addition to the high tech methods of tracking mileage, you can use your odometer readings if you wish.  Click here to check out our help video on the different ways to tracking mileage here.

  1. It allows you to build a list of frequent used locations.  Noting where you have visited is as easy as selected the location from a list.

  1. The app offers an easy to use method to organize your entries into “Logs.”

  1. MileTracker is chock full of different preferences allowing to make it “your own.

You can choose to hide fields you to do now wish to use or show those not included by default.  These extra fields include:

Client, Merchant, Project, plus more.

  1. The absolute most attractive PDF mileage reports available.  Choose from one of many templates to create the report you need.

  1. Backup up your data to iCloud

Live Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking and reporting

Keeping Track of the Places you Visit

(another way to track your mileage)

Enter your Odometer reading

(if that is how you wish to track your mileage)

  1. The app will remember the last stop odometer reading and will pre-fill that value for the new entry’s start reading.

  2. Supports Multiple Vehicles and remembers the last stop odometer for each of your vehicles if you have more than one.

  3. Note:  By default the Multiple Vehicle support is disabled but can be easily enabled in the MileTracker Prefs screen).

Sort Bar

Tap to toggle between total mileage and total $

Customize what appears on the 2nd line

(even enable optional 3rd line too)

Optional Multiple Vehicle Support

Indicate if it is

one-way or round trip

Optional Field

Flag as Business or Personal

Optional Fields

Hide or Show as you wish

Link files from your email

Over a dozen different PDF templates to choose from