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  1. 1.First visit http://www.dropbox.com and download the installer for your type of desktop computer.

  2. 2.The Dropbox installer will prompt you to create an account based on your email address.  Be sure to carefully note your password in a safe place.

  3. 3.If you are using BizXpenseTracker, you already have the Dropbox feature and can skip to step 4.  For those with XpenseTracker, you will need to purchase the Dropbox add-on from within the XpenseTracker Prefs screen.  Tap on the “Buy Dropbox Add-on” option.  The App Store will prompt you to enter your iTunes account information if necessary.  Once the purchase is complete, you will have access to the feature.

  4. 4.Now tap on the “Sign In” field which will show the blue Dropbox icon.

  5. 5.This will cause you to leave XpensTracker and display the built-in Safari web browser.  You will be brought to the Dropbox Log In screen.  Enter your Dropbox account information.  Doing so will tell Dropbox to allow XpenseTracker access to your account.  At no time is XpenseTracker told your email or password.  Instead Dropbox passes it a special value which will allow access to your account without actually knowing your Dropbox credentials.

  6. 6.Now, your for the most part done.  Whenever you go into any of the Options screens which allow exporting, backing or restoring, you will see the familiar blue Dropbox icon indicating that your Dropbox account will be used to export the data.

Using Dropbox

Dropbox allows you to export your reports to your desktop computer via your Dropbox account.  XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker provide integration to this service.  XpenseTracker offers this as a $1 add-on whereas BizXpenseTracker includes this feature.

Dropbox is offered as an additional solution as it overcomes the limitations of email and SyncDocs.  When exporting reports with many photo receipts, the sum of the size of the images can often exceed the allowed size of an email.  Dropbox has no such limitations.  When exporting using SyncDocs, a wi-fi connection is required.  Dropbox does not have such a requirement and uses any available connection to the internet.

In addition, Dropbox is VERY easy to use and all it requires is a simple installation on your PC.  Best of all, the service is free.  Dropbox does offer a paid service which provides greater disk space.