iPad2 & iPhone 4s do not Synch

iPad2 & iPhone 4s do not Synch

Postby caysnowman » Wed Jan 04, 2012 6:14 pm

I am using IOS 5 on both devices as well as Travel Tracker Pro 5.2. I have signed up with TripIt using the same account information on both devices also however the data on my iPhone will not sync (upload) to the iPad2.

I have tried turning the "Update Flight Status" in preferences on and off in both devices but that did not rectify the problem.

What am I missing??

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Re: iPad2 & iPhone 4s do not Synch

Postby Silverware » Wed Feb 01, 2012 5:10 pm

Are you saying that you have information in TripIt that is not being downloaded to your other device. If so, quite often users will have more than one TripIt account. Be sure you know you TripIt login and then go into our app on your iPad, sign out of TripIt and then sign back in. Then hit the TripIt button and select My Upcoming to download everything from TripIt.

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