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XpenseTracker is an all inclusive expense tracking and reporting application for business or personal use.  Its ease of use and full features makes it an essential tool for every iPhone user wishing to track their expenses.

  1. Sort expenses by Date( see left), by Category, by Payment Type or by Client

  2. (Use of client field can be turned off)

  3. Always see a running total in your default currency.

  4. Email your expenses.

  5. Export your expenses directly to your desktop PC or Mac.

  6. Built-in backup feature will insure you NEVER lose your data.

  7. Download currency exchange rates from the internet.

  1. Specify the fields you wish to export and the order in which they appear in the report

  2. Tap and drag the icon on the far right to cause the field to be exported in the order you wish.

  1. Easily records mileage expense.

  2. Will pre-fill starting odometer reading with last stop reading (this is a preference which can be turned off)

  3. Choose to enter “Start” & “Stop” mileage OR simply “Total” mileage

  1. XpenseTracker allows you to customize the application for your particular needs.

  2. You can set many defaults based on your particular needs.

  1. XpenseTracker comes set-up with dozens of categories.

  2. Add your own categories or sub-categories.

  3. Drag the categories around to order them in the order you prefer.

  4. The special “Mileage” category presents the user with a special form to enter total mileage or start and stop odometer readings.

  5. Categories can have account numbers associated with them which can be exported in the expense reports.

  1. XpenseTracker allows you to download the most up to date exchange rates from the internet.

  2. Add your favorite currency to the list of exchange rates that are automatically downloaded.

  3. Exchange rates can manually be entered as well.

  1. Keep all your expenses in order by tracking them by “Logs.”

  2. Logs are listed in order of date

  3. Current logs are highlighted in red.

  1. iPhone users can capture superb photos of their receipts.

  2. Capture as many photos as you wish per expense entry

  3. Page through the images

  4. Zoom in and Zoom out

  1. XpenseTracker allows several different export options.

  2. You can export data from all of your logs (see right).

  3. You can export data from a single log (see very top).

  1. Enter amounts using a convenient calculator/keypad.

  2. Choose from a list of favorite currencies or select from a vast list of worldwide currencies.

  3. Choose either an ATM style keypad where no decimal point is used or use a keypad that includes the decimal point.


BizXpenseTracker is the same app as XpenseTracker except for the following differences:

  1. BizXpenseTracker includes the ability to track the time you have worked on a job or a project.

  2. It also includes Dropbox add-on and the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) add-on.  XpenseTracker offers these as $1 (US price) add-ons.

NOT only is XpenseTracker excellent at tracking your expenses, it also tracks your mileage as well.  So when tax time comes along, reporting your mileage is easy too.

Once you are done recording all of your expenses, the app does not stop there.  You can easily export them to your desktop in an Excel friendly format.  Photo receipts are also exported to your desktop computer as well.

It supports virtually any currency and allows downloading of currency exchange rates via the internet.

Time tracking available only in  BizXpenseTracker

  1. Easily track your time in BizXpenseTracker.

  2. You can enter a time entry as total hours or a start/stop time.

  3. The list of rates is completely customizable.  Add as many different rates as you wish.