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TravelTracker allows the user to purchase only those features they wish directly from within the app.  The add-ons available allow each user to customize their app to their needs.  Users wanting the complete set should simply purchase TravelTracker Pro.

  1. Trips can be filtered by group or all trips can be viewed.

  2. Groups can be customized to your particular needs.

  3. A handy filter bar allows the display of only upcoming or past trips.

  4. For each trip, the route of travel is listed.

  5. Current trips are highlighted in red.

  6. Past trips are automatically scrolled off the screen but easily viewed by scrolling the list down.

  7. Email your itinerary to family and friends.

No manual entry necessary!

Download all of your trips’ itineraries from TripIt.com

Download your upcoming, past or even trips shared from others all into TravelTracker Pro.

Not familiar with TripIt?

TripIt is an online service that helps people organize all their travel plans—flights, hotels, rental cars, trains,cruises—no matter where they booked. To get started,travelers just forward their travel confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com. TripIt processes these emails and automatically creates a master itinerary with travel plans,daily weather, local maps, restaurant reservations, city guides and more. With TripIt, travelers can print, access and share their travel plans online, from a mobile device or even in their personal calendar.

TravelTracker Pro

With TravelTracker Pro™, you can organize all of your travel related items such as flights, hotel stays and car rentals all from within a single app.


It has never been easier than when using TravelTracker.  All of your vital bits of information regarding your trip are always at your finger tips.

Adding information is simple.  For flights, all you need to do is just select the airline and enter the flight number and date of travel.  TravelTracker will load all of the remaining flight details.  It will even tell you if you have any meals on your flight.

It will even download your complete itinerary from TripIt.com.

  1. You always know your flight’s live status as the app accesses the most accurate flight status service available.

  2. Flights can be tracked on a beautiful google map.

  3. Details about the aircraft’s location are also displayed.

  1. The scrollable itinerary view shows all of the details for your trip.

  2. Integrated into the itinerary screen is the live flight status for flights.

  3. A simple expense tracking module is included that allows you to keep track of your expenses for your trip.  Once you return, you can export them to a spreadsheet.

  4. A packing list module is included that allows you to choose from available templates or build your own.

  1. Current weather and weather forecasts are available for cities worldwide

  2. Weather is automatically displayed for cities you will be visiting.

  3. Your favorite cities you set are always displayed.

  1. TravelTracker Pro will even track cruises.

  2. Enter your complete cruise itinerary with all of the “At Port” and “At Sea” days.

  1. As with all entries in TravelTracker Pro, you can enter award miles/points associated with them as well as expenses.

  2. Expenses for each entry are then easily browsed when viewing the expense for the complete trip.

  1. Each trip allows the entry of expenses.

  2. A default set of categories is included but can be customized to your particular needs.

  1. The Awards module allows tracking of your points or miles for each of the programs you are a member of.

  2. You can easily create a new award program and then associate the necessary airlines, hotels, etc with that program.