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TimeTracker is a power tool that makes tracking the time you work easy.  Its elegant user interface and full features makes it an essential tool for every iPhone user wishing to track their time.

  1. Entering time work could not be easier!

  2. Want to record a break, just tap the Break button to change the entry to a break.

  1. Specify the fields you wish to export and the order in which they appear in the report

  2. Tap and drag the icon on the far right to cause the field to be exported in the order you wish.

  3. Many more fields not listed which can be included in the report.

  1. Create an unlimited number of hourly or daily rates.

  2. Add, edit or delete rates.

  3. Customize the name of any rate except the “Default” rate.

  1. A rate can either be hourly or daily.

  2. Once a daily rate is selected, the user interface allows you to enter the number of days you have worked or the start and stop date.

  1. TimeTracker has a full set of different preferences which allow you to customize the app as you wish.

  1. Choose to either Email or Export the report.  Choose either CSV, Plain Text or QIF format.

  1. Show or hide optional Project and Location fields.

  2. Quickly select a field from the auto-built frequently used list.

  3. Frequent List for “Projects,” “Tasks” and “Locations.”

  1. Easily record the time you stopped working.

  2. Set the stop time and then come back to the record.

  3. A record in which you have entered a start time but not entered a stop time are hilighted in yellow in the time entry list.

  1. Use the built-in backup feature to save ALL of your data onto your desktop for safe keeping.

  2. Get a new device?  Then just restore your data from the backup you created to your new device and be up and running within minutes.  Sure, iTunes backs-up your data but this is the absolute easiest way to get your data back.

  1. Enter total time worked or enter start and stop times.

  2. Customize your total time buttons to the time intervals you work.

Once you are done recording all of your time, the app does not stop there.  You can easily export the information to your desktop in an Excel friendly format.

An even simpler solution is now available in the app to submit your time sheets.  Now you can email or export your time sheet in a finished, formatted PDF file.

  1. Track your time and any breaks you might take.

  2. Toggle between displaying total hours or total earned.

  3. Option to filter by a date range to view only those entries.

  1. Organize your time entries in logs.  Easily keeps everything nicely filed and easy to find.

  2. Create as many logs as you wish.  Create a log for each week, each month, each year, you choose!                                 Create a log for each project if that is how you wish to organize your time records.  Its all up to you.

  1. Customize the look of the app by assigning an image to each log.

  1. Create finished, attractive PDF Time Sheets.

  2. Choose from a number of available templates       (All,Weekly, Grouped by Client, Grouped by Project)