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SyncDocs:  Backup/Restore and Export:


  1. 1.Download SyncDocs (the desktop component) by clicking on this link.

  2. For PC:

  3. SyncDocs for PC (zip archive)

  4. For Mac OS X:

  5. SyncDocs for Mac

  6. Unzip the archive and save the SyncDocs.jar file (for Mac, SyncDocs app) where

  7. you would like to have your backups stored.

  8. SyncDocs will save the backup files in a folder named “downloads” in the

  9. same location as the .jar file.

  10. 2.Locate and launch the SyncDocs.jar (for Mac, launch the SyncDocs app).

You have now completed the setup of the Desktop component.  To perform exports, backups and restores, the SyncDocs applet MUST be launched.

PC Users:  If you do not have Java installed on your machine (unlikely), you will not be able to run the SyncDocs.jar file until download the free Java installer at:



(XpenseTracker, BizXpenseTracker, TravelTracker & TravelTracker Pro)

  1. 1.Launch the SyncDocs.jar file (for Mac, launch the SyncDocs app) if it is not already running.

  2. 2.From within XpenseTracker, go to the Trips View and tap on Options button in the far right corner.  From within TraveLTracker, tap on the Export button.

  3. 3.Select “Backup to desktop...

  4. 4.Tap on the name “SyncDocs” that appears in the list.

That completes the backup procedure.

On your desktop, you will see a folder named “downloads.”

In it you will find these files:

  1. For TravelTracker or TravelTracker Pro

  2. com.silverware.traveltracker.plist    (or com.silverwaresoftware.traveltrackerpro.plist)

  3. TravelTracker.sqlitedb

  4. TravelTrackerAirports.sqlitedb

  5. For XpenseTracker or BizXpenseTracker

  6. com.silverware.xpensetracker.plist    (or com.silverware.bizxpensetracker.plist)

  7. XpenseTracker.sqlitedb

You are free to move these files and archive them as you wish.  The set of files represents a complete “backup” and include the database(s) and preferences files

Each time you perform a backup, these files will be copied to the download folder.  If they exist already, they will be replaced with a new set of files.  So keep that in mind if you wish to keep more than one backup.

for XpenseTracker, BizXpenseTracker, TravelTracker™ and TravelTracker™ Pro


(XpenseTracker & BizXpenseTracker):

  1. 1.Be sure BOTH the computer and the iPhone (or iPod touch) are connected to your Wi-Fi network.

  2. 2.Launch the SyncDocs.jar file from your computer (for Mac, launch the SyncDocs app) if it is not already running.  It simply needs to be running, no other steps need to be performed inside of SyncDocs.

  3. 3.From within XpenseTracker (or BizXpenseTracker) on your iPhone (or iPad or iPod touch), go to the Expense List View (displays a list of expenses) and tap on Options button.

  4. 4.Select “Export.”  If a screen about SyncDocs is displayed, simply tap the OK button to dismiss the alert.

  5. 5.Make any changes to the Export settings you wish and then tap the “Export” button.

  6. 6.Tap the “SyncDocs” name listed in the screen displayed.

  7. 7.At this point you should receive a confirmation message stating your files have been successfully exported.

  8. 8.The .csv file and any .jpg files will be transfered to your computer.

IMPORTANT:  The exported files will be located in the SAME folder on your computer as the SyncDocs applet is located.  Exported files are placed in  folder named “download” and then in folders with the name of each log.

Exporting, Backing-up & Restoring

There are three ways to move information from our various apps to the desktop.  Let’s go over these ways.

Email - this is the simplest way.  Email allow you to send your reports (as in XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker) or send your itinerary (as in TravelTracker and Flight Update).

SyncDocs - This is a wireless solution which allows you to export your data over a wi-fi network.  Both your iPhone (or iPad, or iPod touch) need to bee connected to a wi-fi network.  Also, your desktop computer must also be connected to the wi-fi network (not by a wire but must be via a wi-fi connection).  You then run an app on your desktop computer (Mac or PC) which is used to receive the files you send from your iPhone.  SyncDocs requires the downloading of the desktop app.  See below for instructions.

Dropbox - This solution is offered in both XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker.  For those not familiar with Dropbox, it is a third party solution in which the user installs on their desktop computer the Dropbox utility and allows the sharing of files over any internet connection.  Both XpenseTracker and BizXpenseTracker allow you to export your reports as well as backup your data to your Dropbox.

This step is required to use SyncDocs


(XpenseTracker, BizXpenseTracker, TravelTracker & TravelTracker Pro)

  1. 1.Launch the SyncDocs.jar file (for Mac, launch the SyncDocs app) if it is not already running.

  2. 2.Locate the three files (two files for XpenseTracker) created from a previous backup and drag them into the SyncDocs window on your desktop computer.

  3. 3.For TravelTracker

  4. com.silverware.traveltracker.plist    (or com.silverwaresoftware.traveltrackerpro.plist)

  5. TravelTracker.sqlitedb

  6. TravelTrackerAirports.sqlitedb

  7. For XpenseTracker

  8. com.silverware.xpensetracker.plist    (or com.silverware.bizxpensetracker.plist)

  9. XpenseTracker.sqlitedb

  10. 4.From within XpenseTracker, go to the Log View and tap on the Options button.  From within TravelTracker, go to the Trips View and tap on Export button.

  11. 5.Select “Restore from desktop...

  12. 6.Tap on the “SyncDocs” name that appears in the list.

That completes the restore procedure.

Click Here for Dropbox HelpDropbox.html